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About Your Case Acceptance Partner

Landy Chase is a practice consultant and award-winning author and speaker who specializes in training orthodontic practices to increase the start rate of prospective patients. He provides highly effective, detailed procedures for doctors, TCs and staff to attract and acquire new orthodontic patients for client practices. He works exclusively within the orthodontic profession as a trainer, consultant and coach and has been a featured speaker at numerous study clubs around the United States. He has worked personally with over 100 client practices in just the last three years.

Chase’s personal qualifications rank among the top business trainers in the world and he brings nearly twenty-five years of successful client engagements to the business challenges of improving orthodontic case acceptance. Prior to his transition to orthodontics, he had domestic clients in over sixty industries and worked internationally with companies in Australia, Africa, Asia, Europe and South America. At the age of 40 he earned the CSP designation from the National Speakers Association, the highest earned level of excellence in the industry and a distinction representing the top seven percent of all professional speakers and trainers world-wide. Your staff will enjoy his on-site training delivery.

Since 2012 he has published four books for the orthodontic profession, and those books on case acceptance have, to date, sold over 5,000 copies. He has also written over 100 articles for his Case Acceptance Tip of the Week column, now followed by nearly 2,000 orthodontists and staff around the United States, Canada, Europe and Australia.

Chase is a graduate of The Citadel, The Military College of South Carolina, and holds an MBA from Xavier University in Cincinnati. His corporate career included repeat national President’s Club awards as a marketing professional; he served as ES National Trainer for Automatic Data Processing (ADP) at the age of 28 and also served as Director of Business Development for Arthur Andersen, LLC prior to founding his own firm in 1993.

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What our clients are saying

Our staff and all three doctors agree that this has been the best consulting experience we’ve ever had. The coaching program and quality of content were fantastic and directly led to major improvements in our new patient process. The skills of our treatment coordinators and front desk have permanently changed for the better, and we’re seeing our treatment acceptance increase as a result.

Dr. G.C.

Not only do I feel much more confident in presenting fees and handling objections, but I also have seen a significant increase in my case acceptance since working with Landy.

Rebecca K.RDH, Treatment Coordinator

New to the position of treatment coordinator, I’ve found the closing skills material an extremely valuable training tool. It has enhanced my exams and my close rate continues to increase!

KrystalTreatment Coordinator

What a great day it was for all of us here! Your presentation was great and left us full of enthusiasm for getting the job done. It is such a wonderful resource to be able to call on you for help. These days, more than any other time, demand excellence in presentation and closing skills. I feel as if we well armed and ready to prosper! Thanks for a great day of learning and fun!

Dr. S.H.

I am very much in favor of the typed AGENDA. I often feel that sometimes when we walk out to the reception area to get the patient for the ie picture/photo they just don’t know what is going to occur. I also feel that this conveys to them that we are very organized in every way. I firmly believe that patients/parents feel comfortable then they know what is about to occur at the appointment.

Thanks for allowing us to take part in this training. I learned a lot of informative information.

RhondaTreatment Coordinator

Will the value I receive justify the investment? Within your practice, the answer is largely dependent upon your ability to persuasively show your prospect that treatment with your practice is a wise business decision and investment. What a wonderful opportunity not just for our staff to improve our own skills. A true win-win day. I am so grateful to be a small part of this goodness. Thanks again.

SharronTreatment Coordinator

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